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Our next CLoSer concert takes place on Wednesday 13 February when we’re fortunate enough to not only have the supremely talented jazz musician and composer Tim Garland with us as Guest Artist, but we’ll also be performing the world premiere of his latest composition, Songs to the North Sky. We asked him to tell us what he’s currently listening to on his iPod…

I’m not sure if these are on my actual mp3 player, but they are often in my car as I do quite a lot of driving between the North and the South, and this is what inspired Songs To The North Sky, my constant travels up and down.

Tim Garland crop

So the CD player in my car often has on:

Pat Metheny Are You Going With Me?
What an amazing vibe-setter for travelling! This track is almost iconic, with a classic guitar solo and a beautiful melody too.

Tippett Concerto For Double String Orchestra
I can listen to this many times and find something new in it always. I love its “Englishness” and the quirky use of dissonance, but its passion is true and undeniable.

Chick Corea Matrix
I was lucky to be on this CD release elsewhere, so I knew about it before it was released. This trio track, recorded a couple of days after I was involved (he invited a number of different bands) shows Chick reuniting with a trio that recorded the same piece 30-odd years earlier. This guy just gets better all the time and its a powerful incentive in my life.

Henri Dutilleux The Shadows Of Time
What would we do without such masters of harmony and orchestration showing us the way? I don’t know of many creative jazz musicians who don’t like Dutilleux. He is one of those who creates such rich webs of sound that any concept of whether it is modal, tonal, pantonal, bla blah…its all way below the immersive experience of just being there!

John Coltrane  One Down One Up
Audiophiles go and make the tea, you won’t like the sound quality of this little club date! What is timeless is Coltrane’s quartet and some of the most electrifying McCoy Tyner piano I’ve ever heard. Anyone who wants to feel how this real, and often relentlessly energetic improvisation can hit an audience, start here!

Listen to our Spotify playlist of Tim’s picks here

CLoSer with Tim Garland
Wednesday 13 February, 7.30pm
Village Underground, Shoreditch

Tickets £15/ £5  for 16-25s/students
Book Now 020 7377 1362/spitalfieldsmusic.org.uk