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Posted on: February 6, 2013 in: Uncategorised

We’re delighted to welcome conductor Clark Rundell back to our next CLoSer concert. We asked him what music’s currently inspiring him on his iPod.

I have the weirdest collection of things on my ipod as it spans everything from some pretty obscure new music to straight down the middle pop, which appears courtesy of my teenage children – some of which is great, by the way!

Lighthouse Trio
At the risk of brazenly plugging the next closer gig, I’ve been listening a lot to the most recent album of the Lighthouse Trio – Gwiliym Simcock, Tim Garland and Asaf Sirkis. This music is so original and so spontaneous that it really does require repeated listening. I also think that people who can make playing inside the piano sound hip need to be revered.

Gary Carpenter The Listening Project Symphony
I managed to miss The Listening Project Symphony when it was broadcast live in December but the composer, the brilliant Gary Carpenter, gave me a copy last week. It is absolutely amazing. The way in which the text has been structured and the beauty, wit and insight of Gary’s music hit me with great force. I challenge anyone not to be moved by this.


Zuco 103
Latin music is a personal passion as it never fails to raise my spirits. Next year I’m working in Holland with a Dutch based Latin jazz group called Zuco 103. I’ve worked with them before and absolutely love their stuff as it is a bit zany – even surreal at times – yet still manages a joyful, playful spirit. Their albums Whaa and After the Carnival are often on in the car.

Gavin Degraw
My daughter would not forgive me if I didn’t mention her current favourite who is an American singer/songwriter called Gavin Degraw. She plays me his stuff every morning and we have discussions about why it’s so good, how cleverly he sets an immediate mood and also that he does brilliant ‘middle eights.’

Leonard Bernstein On the Waterfront suite
When I was younger I did a lot of Bernstein, as he was such a mammoth figure when I was growing up in the States. I then went more than a decade without doing any, but I’ve recently been coming back to him and falling back in love with the music. The suite from On the Waterfront, which I’m relearning at the moment to perform in Germany later this year, has a depth which I simply hadn’t previously appreciated. The fiery music is so very menacing and the lyrical music seems simple but has such underlying subtleness, especially in the unexpected harmonic shifts. It’s also interesting that his own performances (which are on the iPod!) are by no means OTT and sentimental.

Catch Clark conducting the Orchestra at our next CLoSer concert on Wednesday 13 February.

Hear Clark’s top iPod tunes on Spotify

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Image: James Berry