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Posted on: June 12, 2020 in: Programmes>2019-20 Season

While the orchestra world is mostly on hold and people are connecting on video calls and social media more than ever, our musicians have been trying to keep creating and sharing music as much as they can. And not only have they been performing and curating programmes, they’ve been stage-managing and learning how to ‘go live’ and record on social media and video conferencing tools! There is no end to their talents.

So, what have City of London Sinfonia musicians been doing in this time? Alongside our team, CLS musicians have been curating Comfortable Classical at Home concerts and Mindful Music sessions live from their homes. They’ve also been having fascinating ‘Lockdown chats’ with each other and their industry pals – artists that they work with regularly, as well as partners and supporters. Through all these videos, we hope you’re able to get to know each individual more, and closer than ever before.

We’re now into month four of UK lockdown and while some restrictions are easing, it’s difficult to know when our musicians will be able to perform together again, and when themselves and guest artists will be able to get back on a stage or into a community; to share their music with others. But for now, we’re very happy to be able to keep bringing you uplifting online content. Take a look at what’s on below.

Comfortable Classical at Home

When? We’re taking a break for the summer after 23 July
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Comfortable Classical at Home

Since 26 March, the week after venues closed for the foreseeable future, our musicians have been curating and hosting short, intimate concerts live on Facebook in our Comfortable Classical at Home video series, helping to brighten up your days with classical music at home. There have now been over 30 episodes and we’re keeping going with this while we’re unable to deliver our wellbeing and education projects.

Borletti-Buitoni Trust, a supporter of our Wellbeing programme, has also been writing about our video series and they recently released their own video about our projects at St Christopher’s Hospice and Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School, and our Comfortable Classical relaxed concerts.

Mindful Music

When? We’re taking a break for the summer
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In Mindful Music, one of our musicians takes you through mindfulness techniques – focusing on the body and mind – and performs a piece of classical music. These sessions aim to give you 20 minutes or so of calm; respite from the uncertainty and stress you may be feeling during the global pandemic, or simply after a busy day.

We started Mindful Music in 2018 through a series of CLS Minis at venues in Central and East London, and we’ve since been running morning and evening sessions for companies such as Soho House, Liberty London, M&G plc and The Ned.

Lockdown chats

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PL3cWGwOSspbTu4HBog2hpkV8f-tHPZoa8&w=560&h=315]

In the newest edition to our lockdown offering, Alexandra Wood (Creative Director and Leader) has been chatting to some of our musicians as well as artists, collaborators and supporters that we regularly work with in projects and performances. Most are missing their regular work right now, so Alex has been talking to them about what they’re missing and also what they’re enjoying doing that’s different to their norms.

So far, Alex has caught up with Terje Tønnesen (blog only), Roderick Williams OBE, Genevieve Lacey, Brett Dean and CLS musicians Mark Paine, Joely Koos, Lynda Loughton (blog only), Ursula Leveaux and Ann Lovatt – and there are plenty more chats to come after the August break.

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Whether you’re a CLS regular or you’re trying out classical music for the first time, be sure to keep connecting with us online. You can also find information about our orchestra on the CLS website.