Thanks to everyone who supported our Wellbeing work through The Big Give in December! Over a week, a total of 53 donors had their donations doubled to raise an incredible £30,000, exceeding our original target of £20,000 and the amount raised in 2016.

With the incredible support and generosity of Childhood Trust and donors like you, we raised significant funds for our Wellbeing through Music programme, which includes the music project for young people at Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School.

Our three-year project is on track to help hundreds of young people suffering from acute psychiatric disorders. Learning about live instrumental music and playing together as a group are big steps to take in the healing process by developing social skills, self-esteem, and creative expression.

It’s not too late to support CLS on its mission to transform people’s lives through music. You can make a donation and support our work in hospices, hospitals, schools and communities on our donate page or by contacting our Development Manager.

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017

What did we raise money for?

A year's worth of music projects and activities with young people at Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School, where we will work with children and adolescents with a range of acute psychiatric, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

'The arts can keep us well, aid our recovery and support longer lives better lived.'

- All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing Inquiry Report 2017

The Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School has four departments split over two hospital sites. At Bethlem there are two departments: Primary/Middle and the Adolescent/Post Sixteen with an age range of 6-18 across departments. At the Maudsley site there is an Adolescent Unit and the Intensive Treatment Programme which teaches the young people on the eating disorder ward.

Over the next three years, our players and staff will deliver a range of creative projects, developing the children's musical skills through singing, listening, performances, composition and lyric writing.

This will provide them with opportunities to work with others and express themselves, whilst building their confidence and self-esteem.

It's challenging enough to be a young person finding your place in the world. There are social pressures to respond to and an identity to be formed, at a time when the body and mind are changing rapidly. Struggling with mental health issues on top of this only makes it more difficult--adding extra stress and anxiety, making it harder to build healthy interpersonal relationships, and lowering self-esteem.

This project, as part of our Wellbeing through Music programme at CLS, builds young people's self-esteem, social skills through positive interpersonal relationships, and decreases anxiety and stress by channeling creative energy into making music together. Singing songs, playing instruments and then creating new songs together has already demonstrated a tangible, positive impact on young people at the school.

"Our young people are very individual, and often struggle being part of a group. Music facilitates those social skills that we’re trying to teach in class: listen, take turns, wait. In CLS’s music sessions, you could see that in evidence all the time, with the way they came together and shared. They learn to cooperate because the end product is so exciting and they get that sense of fulfilment from playing, listening and interacting with music."

- Petra, Assistant Headteacher, Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School

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