Sir William Walton and Sir Laurence Olivier

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Considering his vast success in the genre, it is often surprising to think that Sir William Walton initially approached film music with grumbles about cheap musical tricks and resigned financial pragmatism.The music for Sir Laurence Olivier’s Henry V and Richard III, which we perform on Wednesday 29 October at Cadogan Hall, are often acclaimed as two of the greatest ever British film scores, and undoubtedly Walton’s masterpieces in the genre.

In this blog post, we track Walton’s collaboration with the famous Hollywood actor and director. Having worked together on at least three much-loved Shakespeare films, Hamlet (1948), Richard III (1955) and Henry V (1944) (to name the most famous), it is remarkable to think that the beginning of their working relationship was rocky. This, however, didn’t stop them becoming great friends and colleagues later in their careers.

Walton and Olivier infographic


Shakespeare: The Kings
Wednesday 29 October, 7.30pm
Cadogan Hall, Sloane Square

Holst Singers
Simon Russell Beale narrator
Stephen Layton conductor

Walton: Henry V: A Shakespeare Scenario
Walton: Richard III: A Musical Scenario

Tickets: £32, £25, £18, £12, £5 (students and 16-25s – pre-register here)

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