Pick of the Week – 5 February

Posted on: February 5, 2016 in: Pick of the week

What’s been happening in the arts this week? As part of our blog series, Pick of the Week, we’ve picked our favourite stories, interesting exhibitions and most thought-provoking debates we’ve seen and heard this week.

Courting the “lay” listener

A couple of weeks ago we shared this article about whether classical music should be re-named ‘composed music’. We thought it probably shouldn’t. After all, isn’t all music composed? Adding to the wider debate is this blog by composer Mari Valverde. She asks whether it’s not the name that needs to change, but the way we listen and the way we learn to listen?

Scientists have found a way to help you learn new skills twice as fast

It seems there’s a better way to learn new things than simply repeating them over and over again. Scientists have been testing theories around ‘reconsolidation’ – that is, repeating tasks with slight modifications – and the results look promising. Handy to bear in mind during practise sessions!

This Huge Cat’s Cradle Embodies the Great Fugues of Bach

How can you portray music in architecture? Architect Gabriel Calatrava was asked to do just that, to design a set to complement a performance of Bach’s The Art of the Fugue. The result is quite amazing!