Pick of the Week – 26 February

Posted on: February 26, 2016 in: Pick of the week

What’s been happening in the arts this week? As part of our blog series, Pick of the Week, we’ve picked our favourite stories, interesting exhibitions and most thought-provoking debates we’ve seen and heard this week.

Proms composer Anna Meredith has formed a band and is playing in clubs

Exasperated at working for months on a work only to have it seldom performed, Meredith has formed a band, saying  “I don’t want to write music that people are enduring just to get to the Elgar in the second half”. Her first album, Varmints is released on 4 March on Moshi Moshi.

Scientists have created three-armed cyborg percussionists (yes, really).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKryPingtww]

It’s a brave new world as scientists have unveiled a robotic third arm that percussionists can attach to their shoulder that plays along – allowing them to perform rhythms that are totally beyond plain old two-armed humans. What’s more is that they’re now working on a version that can READ YOUR MIND.

People are reading their teen diaries in public for fun

Americans have been doing it for years, and now it’s coming to the UK. Art? Self-indulgence? Therapy? ‘Mortified’ is certainly how we’d feel!

China has banned “weird” architecture 

After a spate of fake White Houses, Eiffel Towers and ‘strangely shaped’ buildings that make the Walkie Talkie look positively bland, the Chinese government has banned ‘weird’ architecture.

And finally… Is this the happiest conductor on the planet?

Maestro Joseph Olefirowicz radiates energy in this performance of  Bob Wright and Chet Forrest’s Opera ‘Kismet’.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnJDbDOLBJc]