Room to Room Music brings CLS musicians into care homes where they use responsive, spontaneous music-making to connect with the most isolated residents and staff. Connection, validation and mutual respect is at the core of the project.

By connecting with the residents and creating improvised musical responses inspired by their stories or movement, we aim to bring a connection with the outside world and raise the wellbeing of everyone involved through acknowledging, uplifting and valuing every individual who may normally have little or no opportunity for creative interaction and self-expression.

• You were doing the usual and then suddenly you changed into something more exciting. You’ve made something new… For someone old.

• I don't mind what you play. I find the sound so challenging and lovely. The sound of music has been very important in my life. We are so lucky to be able to do this.

• At the end of the day… You feel so confined. Thank you for visiting me. It was lovely to see you again, I feel honoured to be involved in the project