National Orchestra for All Modulo Programme

The National Orchestra for all is the UK’s only completely inclusive national youth orchestra providing opportunities for young people who would not otherwise access music activities.

The Modulo Programme aims to kickstart a culture of ensemble music-making in secondary schools across the country. Since 2018, CLS musicians coach and mentor ‘Modulos’ (secondary school ensembles) to inspire its young members and prepare them for the regional and national meets, where they will team up with other schools and experience playing together as a large-scale orchestra.

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Awards for Young Musicians, Chamber Projects

Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) supports talented young people from low-income families by offering bespoke financial support for each young person’s musical progression. For a number of years, CLS musicians have run chamber music projects for AYM Award winners. Young people are are mentored by our musicians who support them in learning challenging repertoire as well as developing key skills and techniques essential to becoming a sensitive and effective chamber musician

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