Out of Office: Sophie

Posted on: May 20, 2011 in: Out of Office

When Patrick, our fabulous Marketing Intern approached me and said ‘Soph, would you like to write our next Out of Office blog post?’, I said ‘yeah, why not, I’ll give it a go – how hard can it be?’. Then I realised, YIKES, what do I do out of the office?  As the Orchestra Manager and fixer I spend most of my out of office hours working, especially around busy times such as the Opera Holland Park season.  I can often find myself answering players’ calls at 10pm, and fixing last minute hiccups before rehearsals and concerts the next day.  Working such hours has meant I have had to find hobbies which are flexible and can work around the orchestra’s schedule.  



I moved to London last May after graduating from university and decided to start attending a church I already had connections with. That church was a New Frontiers church called Christ Church London. There I started to play netball again. Now, like many girls I played netball during high school – I was quite good at it too – and I remember the broken fingers and skirts with built-in shorts very well. Like most people however, I found that in the end, other commitments got in the way. The Christ Church Ladies Netball Team had a rough start to their first season last September, having only won something like two games out of ten. But our luck was about to change and during the spring season we excelled ourselves by coming joint 3rd in the table. Rediscovering netball was such good fun, it reawakened my competitive streak as well as my team spirit.



Aside from playing netball, I spend a great part of my free time out in Kent where my partner’s family keeps horses. I often help look after two of the horses, one small pony called Charlie, who is a beautiful grey, and Jo, an enormous chestnut. Both have their individual characters – Charlie is a juvenile delinquent who likes to bite and kick, so a firm hand is often needed with him, and Jo is just a mischievous old man who can get very over protective.

 So there you go, I suppose I’m not so dull after all!

Sophie Plumb

Orchestra Manager