Out of Office: Ruth

Posted on: July 8, 2011 in: Uncategorised

It feels strange to be writing a blog post called Out of Office, when my internship at CLS, which began in June, is the only time I have ever worked in one! For eight months of the year, I pretend to be vastly intellectual at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (nicknamed the Paul McCartney Fame School), studying for a degree in arts management. While there, my time is usually divided between lectures (on subjects ranging from the theatrical management philosophies of David Garrick to Twitter tips), getting involved in Liverpool’s thriving arts scene and trying to work out who will be the next Beatles so that for the rest of my life I can exaggerate about how close we all were at uni!


Last weekend, I returned to ‘the north’ to move, with three course-mates, out from the constrictions of student halls and into a house, where we all agreed that true student liberation could finally begin. With the help of an old (and rather cliché) shopping trolley we found in our halls, no doubt an abandoned trophy brought back by some revellers a few nights before, we set about moving the vast quantities of items that had suddenly accumulated in our tiny student rooms. The fact that the new house was literally across the street seemed irrelevant as we battled with oddly shaped bags, printers and the sideways drift of the trolley due to a particularly dodgy wheel. By the end of a number of sweaty hours, all I wanted was to collapse on my new bed and never move again.

I am hoping that my return to Liverpool in September will bring with it some more of the exciting cultural experiences I was fortunate enough to be involved with throughout my first year at university. As a meek-faced fresher, I expected the city to be continuously living in the shadow of the ‘fab four’ with John Lennon shrines on every other street corner and endless repeats of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ on local radio. However the advancement, innovation and sheer enormity of the arts scene in Liverpool is one to be marveled at and, if you get the chance, thoroughly participated in. I was lucky enough to witness a free concert by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra in my first week, which set the bar for everything that was to come. From fashion shows in night clubs, films in bombed-out churches and Kim Cattrall in Shakespeare, Liverpool really does have it all (so much so that my friends from home are beginning to suspect that I am getting paid to advertise the city to them). All this being said, I am so excited to be working ‘in the big smoke’ with CLS. I know my work in the office will help me so much when I’m out again.  

Ruth Meekings
Marketing Intern