Out of Office: Elaine

Posted on: March 17, 2011 in: Out of Office

This is one of the many new features we’re introducing to our blog over the coming months. First up is Out of Office, where you’ll find out what CLS musicians and staff get up to away from the office and the music.


Elaine Baines, our General Manager, tells us about the pressures and parallels of dog showing at the phenomenon that is Crufts.


I’m honoured to be owned and managed by a smooth fox terrier called Balengro Woodland Venture – otherwise known as Archie. Saturday morning saw us trotting round Ring 7 at Crufts, the greatest and most exciting dog show in the world.


You would be surprised how much orchestra concerts and dog showing have in common! Both require a lot of preparation: you have to be dressed right, know how to behave in the ring, practice one’s moves for hours, keep an eye on the audience (judge), and try and give the performance of your life! And then the dog needs washing, grooming, and persuading to get out of bed at 3am to travel to Birmingham.



Musicians strive for the most perfect interpretation and performance of a work, while dog breeders try for their ideal smooth fox terrier. My ideal smooth terrier would be one that doesn’t try and savage the wheels off every wheelie bin it sees and bite the ankles of men in hi-viz jackets!  In the meantime I’ll have to make do with Archie!


Thankfully the fox terrier judge was wearing a dark suit and sober tie so his ankles survived and we got a 4th place in post graduate dog!


Elaine Baines

General Manager