Work in the field of health and wellbeing is central to our Meet the Music programme: for over 10 years, City of London Sinfonia musicians have worked in care homes, hospitals and hospices, honing the necessary skills to allow music to aid in the healing process and providing an outlet for those who need it most. There is increasing evidence to show that music should be a core part of health care, helping to boost the body’s immune system, reduce anxiety and help regulate mood. We have several ongoing projects in hospitals and care homes, including:

  • Weekly music-making workshops at Evelina Children’s Hospital School and University College London Hospital School, designed to increase the quality of life of its patients at critical times. We also have a long-standing relationship with Great Ormond Street Hospital with bespoke projects and performances, which patients are invited to watch and take part in.
  • Our L’Chaim: Living Music programme brings together professional musicians with Jewish refugees and survivors of Nazi persecution, for a series of interactive concerts in partnership with Jewish Care. Many of the residents we reach suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, and the power of music and singing can not only unlock memories but reach areas of the damaged brain in ways other communication cannot.
  • We also put on several informal concerts in hospital settings, including Guys Hospital, St Thomas’ Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability, again bringing the joy of music to those who need it most of all.

For more information about our Meet the Music programme, email our Director of Participation, Fiona Lambert.

We rely on the generosity of charitable trusts and foundations to deliver our Wellbeing through Music programme. This programme been made possible by:

The Dunhill Medical Trust, The February Foundation, The Douglas Heath Eves Charitable Trust, The Richard Hickox Foundation, The Human Trafficking Foundation, The Christopher Rowbotham Charitable Trust, Task Force Trust, MariaMarina Foundation