Growth through Music brings music and musicians into schools, nurseries and community settings. Our annual Lullaby Concert Tour works with very young children across Suffolk, Lincolnshire and Essex. These tours are organised alongside our partner Orchestras Live as part of their First Time Live scheme, which addresses the barriers preventing young people in culturally-disadvantaged regions from attending orchestral concerts. These interactive concerts are presented by Claire Henry, our animateur in residence, and provide an opportunity for our young audiences to try out a range of orchestral instruments.

"Some of the kids had never publicly performed before. It was a real milestone for their confidence. To be given the opportunity was just fantastic." Julia Schubert, Westgate Youth Group, Ipswich

Early Years

Music plays an important role in the development and learning of babies and toddlers, aiding communication, movement, creativity and general wellbeing. One of our favourite projects with Early Years is our Lullaby Concert Series organised in collaboration with Orchestras Live. A series of orchestral performances and related workshops in community venues, this project provides an accessible and interactive way of introducing young children to classical music in some of the most rural and isolated parts of England. Download our resource pack of A Day at the Fair, part of our Lullaby project.

We also regularly hold family concerts (Crash Bang Wallop!) at Cadogan Hall designed for children aged three to eight years. Presented by our animateur-in-residence, Claire Henry, these concerts are designed as an easy introduction to the orchestra, with plenty of audience participation and interaction, alongside a range of pre-concert musical and craft activities in the foyer.

Across our Meet the Music programme, we ensure that all participants get the chance to meet and work directly with the professional musicians from the orchestra, whether it’s having a go on an instrument or participating in creative composition workshops.


We believe music in schools is vital, not only for a child’s personal, social and cognitive development, but also because it contributes towards a rounded education. There is significant evidence to show, for example, that rhythm, melody and singing in primary schools can enhance learning in other subjects, including the development of skills in numeracy and literacy. In response to this, we work alongside local music hubs to deliver unique creative projects and first-time orchestral experiences with Key Stage One children in Tower Hamlets and Harrow, two of the most deprived areas in London.

Similarly, in our First Time Live projects in partnership with Orchestras Live, we create interactive and inspirational first time orchestral experiences for teenagers and young people who have significantly lower levels of arts engagement. Addressing the economic and cultural barriers that may prevent young people from discovering classical music, workshop participants work directly with our musicians to programme and produce a range of exciting and inspiring concerts.

For more information about our Meet the Music programme see the project information below or email our Director of Participation, Fiona Lambert.

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