Looking Back: Patrick

Posted on: May 24, 2011 in: Uncategorised

So, it’s time for me to move on from my position as Marketing Intern here at CLS. After encouraging everyone else in the office to write about themselves, it would hardly seem fair if I didn’t follow suit myself…

It almost seems mandatory to mention just how quickly my time here at City of London Sinfonia has gone. There have been some fantastic concerts, some stressful deadlines, some creative designing and of course, some truly epic fluctuations in temperature! Coming into an organisation such as CLS has been a fantastic experience. I sit in the same small space as all of the managers, which allows me to eavesdrop, ask questions and pick up any interesting scraps of work as they go begging. There’s a definite sense of teamwork here – everything overlaps in some capacity or other and everyone is pulling in the same direction. Everyone’s lovely too which helps somewhat!


My time here has been spent predominantly in the marketing department. Alex, the Marketing Manager, was more or less a new starter when I bowled up in February so it’s been really interesting working together over the last 3 months, throwing out ideas and thinking forwards. It’s been invaluable learning first hand, on the job from someone with so much experience and I’m very grateful for that. I’ve also been fortunate enough to tag along with Gillian on some of her outreach programmes. It’s great to see the orchestra really throw itself into this area of work, the players love it and the audiences are happy – hardly feels like work sometimes!

There were many reasons why I wanted to get involved with an orchestra like CLS. Needless to say I love classical music (a prerequisite!), but for me it was more about understanding how it all works in a busy arts organisation. Doing my MA at City University I was quite comfortable analysing everything from a distance with my curricular goggles on. Down here, in the middle of it all, in an organisation the size of CLS is the best place to learn. It’s an exciting time for the arts in the UK. Yes things are unsteady, but all I can do is dig in, listen, learn and contribute wherever I can.

Hopefully I have been irritating and useful in equal measure.

Patrick Elliott

Marketing Intern