Composer Journeys – From Hollywood to New York

Posted on: April 14, 2015 in: Programmes>2016-17 Season>ÉMIGRÉ, Composer Journeys

Emigration has been a constant theme for musicians throughout history, with composers moving between countries and continents for a wide range of reasons. In our current concert series, we explore the journeys émigré composers have made through their musical output, whose sounds and atmospheres often reflect and have become associated with their life travels. As part of our blog series, Composer Journeys, and in the weeks and months around our exciting ÉMIGRÉ concert series, we’ve been mapping out the journeys the émigré composers have made. For our third concert of the series, From Hollywood to New York on Saturday 2 May 2015, we explore the work of the many European composers who sought fame, fortune, or refuge in the USA at the end of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. For some, like Dvořák, the States proved an unhappy experience in contrast to his Czech homeland, and while they paved the way for others to follow in his wake, he returned to Europe after only three years. For Stravinsky and Korngold, Los Angeles was a sunny escape, both literally and financially, from the horrors of wartime Europe. Both composers moved west as the storm clouds of Nazi Germany encroached, and while Stravinsky didn’t always fit Hollywood’s mould, film studios queued up to employ Korngold’s film music services and he spent the early 1930s dividing his working time between Europe and Hollywood. For Eisler too, Los Angeles was a happy home in exile from Nazi Germany, but Cold War paranoia forced him to become an émigré once again. Herrmann’s story, born to émigré parents in New York, is a classic telling of the American dream. Growing up in the rough and tumble melting-pot that was Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, he later became the most influential film music composer in Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ before spending the last few years of his life in London. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? From Hollywood to New York Saturday 2 May 2015, 7.30pm Cadogan Hall, London Tickets from £12 (concessions available) £5 tickets available for students and 16-25s (pre-register at Cadogan Hall Box Office / 020 7730 4500