CLS Earworms

Posted on: August 12, 2015 in: CLS Behind the Scenes

Here in the CLS office, there is always at least one person humming or singing a musical phrase on an endless loop, whether it’s the office phone ring tone (we’ve recently changed it one called ‘jazzy night’ and it’s lethal…) or a piece we performed in a recent project / concert.

In this blog post we’ve collected some of these brain-melting melodies that go round and round our minds on a daily basis… You may need this ‘cure for earworms’ after you’ve finished reading!

  1. Mendelssohn – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

RK:  Near our office, there is a delivery van which, whenever it reverses, makes a beeping sound in the exact same intervals to the beginning of this piece. Whenever this happens, the piece just can’t get out of my head!

  1. Mozart – ‘Queen of the Night’ from The Magic Flute

CB: This earworm is probably something to do with this parrot video, which I watched repeatedly in procrastination at university. The frustratingly catchy melody in this is also a continuous challenge to hum…

  1. Anything composed by composer and workshop leader John K Miles

PL: After our recent First Time Live project, ‘Aiming Higher’ in Luton, every one in the office couldn’t stop singing Composer and Workshop leader, John K Miles’ ‘Night Flight in Luton’. Even those who didn’t go to the project got infected by its catchiness!


  1. Parry – ‘I Was Glad’
  2. Verdi – ‘Grand March’ from Aida

MS: Mine is probably some cheesy piece of Victoria choral music that I’ve sung too many times! Something like Parry ‘I was glad’, which I profess to loathe but in reality quite enjoy. I also have the ‘Grand March’ from Aida by Verdi on loop at the moment – having heard it countless times at OHP this summer… I wish I could have Steve Reich ‘Music for 18 Musicians’ on mental loop instead!

  1. ‘Freddie the Frog’

EB: For me, it’s always ‘Freddie the Frog’, written by our animateur-in-residence, Claire Henry for our project with Early Years… there I wrote it and now it’s looping! Grrr…..

  1. Rossini – Overture to William Tell

GHG: I’d have to go with the William Tell Overture which seems to always be stuck in my head (could be something to do with a small child who loves being constantly bounced on my knee!)